Monthly Presentations


November: An Overview of the Mesilla Valley Public Housing Authority (MVPHA)
The presentation described the programs that the MVPHA offers as follows;
1. Low Rent Public Housing Program
2. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program- different types of vouchers
3. Section 8 New Construction (Multifamily) Program
4. Affordable Housing Programs- Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Developments

As Executive Director of the Mesilla Valley Public Housing Authority (MVPHA) - one of New Mexico�s largest and high performing providers of affordabe housing programs for low-income families, Mr. Olvera manages an annual operating budget of $8.5 million that supports 252 public housing units, 40 Section 8 New Construction units, 661 affordable housing units, and 1,627 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) which provide housing to some 2,500 New Mexican. Mr. Olvera earned a Masters in Engineering Management/Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Industrial Engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico. His professional certifications include Public Housing Manager, Housing Executive Asset Manager, and Housing Choice Voucher Specialist


Elizabeth Bardwell, J.D., Vice-Chairman
Ms. Bardwell is the Director of Conservation for Audubon New Mexico, the state office of the National Audubon Society. She has over 28 years of experience in the field of law and policy. Ms. Bardwell ran for Dona Ana County Commission, District 3, in November 2014. She has been a resident of New Mexico for over twenty years with her husband and two daughters. Ms. Bardwell has a Masters of Science in Biology from New Mexico State University (1999), a Juris Doctorate from the University of Oregon School of Law (1987) and a Bachelor of General Studies from University of Michigan (1980).

October Charter School Regulations: Public School Funding, Accountability, and Transparency
Dr. Meredith Machen is a passionate supporter of public education and committed to providing the best opportunities for students. Throughout her teaching career, she focused on helping the academically weakest students, especially the educationally disadvantaged, those challenged by disabilities, and English language learners. During the course of her work, Meredith became more aware of the differences between charter schools and traditional schools. Her growing awareness of the disparities led to her study of charter school regulation and finances, which she discussed. That overview was followed by a Unit Meeting to review the study in depth.
For more information, see Meredith Machen October 2016
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September: The NM Health Security Act
Mary Feldblum, PhD, is the Executive Director for the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign, a coalition of over 150 diverse organizations from around the state. Mary Feldblum has lived in New Mexico for thirty years. She works as a consultant in a variety of areas including social policy research, negotiations training, and public interest lobbying. She earned her Ph.D. in sociology from the New School for Social Research. From 1992-2002 she directed the Consumers Union New Mexico Health Care Project and was involved in patient protection, hospital sales, and health care reform issues. �For more information, see the website
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January: Water and Desalination Research
Randall Shaw, PE, U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation, BGNDRF Facility Manager
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May: The DACC Challenge
Dr. Renay M. Scott, President Dona Ana Community College
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June/July: A Border Court Judge Looks at Immigration
The Honorable Robert C.Brack, U.S. District Court Judge
(Summary was reviewed for accuracy by Judge Brack- 2015)

November: Common Cause- Holding Power Accountable (Power Point download)
Viki Harrison, Executive Director of Common Cause New Mexico
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